On the Grid Quilt

Or I could call it "Finally Finished" but then that would be the name for many of my quilts, so that would be boring.

This quilt started with a collection of blue fabrics.  From an online charm swap, another charm swap at my first ever quilt retreat five years ago, and other blue fabrics that found their way into my stash (like these freebies from Connecting Threads.)

I kept all my blues in a small rubbermaid container for a number of years and then last March I sent out 11 packages for my bee-mates to make me a 25-patch block and an optional 16-patch block.  I had an idea in mind of what I would do with them.  It was feeling good to use them up finally.

But, in reality my idea looked horrid and I stuffed all of the blocks back into the container where they sat for another 1.5 years.  So sad.  A couple of weeks ago I pulled out the container and decided that something would be done with those blocks.  I also made up my mind to spend no money on the project and use what I had on hand.  

I first made all of the 16-patch blocks larger, then made four more 25 patch blocks for a total of 24 blocks.  That's 600 squares of fabric.  I had slightly less than 1 yard of the red so squeaked out the sashing from that.  It's actually quite rewarding to limit yourself sometimes to make things work with what you have on hand.

I love the backing.  I bought it while visiting Suzanne earlier this year.  I think it was $3/metre or something.  I still have more of it.

This morning after walking 'our trail' by the river, my friend Jen and Zachary, of course, helped me get these photos.  Thanks Jen!

It's been beautiful weather the past couple of days.  When you live in our area (Fraser Valley, BC), a sunny November day is a bonus.  A whole week of sun is incredible!  We've been enjoying it!


  1. It's gorgeous!! I always love blue.

    I know what you mean about working within limits. Most of my projects lately are like that - trying to clear some stash!

  2. I really like the red sashing - and I'm envious of the leaves and green grass in your photos!

  3. I think most of my quilts could be called "finally finished!"

    It looks great. Beautiful scenery for the photos too. I'm also happy to have had sunshine this week but I don't tolerate the cold very well!! haha Wimpy, I know.

  4. The red sashing really makes the blue blocks stand out. Nice looking quilt!