Lua Sleep Sack - Tester Tour

This post was supposed to be up this morning and I'm finally getting to it now.  My week has been unusual from the start and now I'm getting my days mixed up.  Do you have that too?

I had the opportunity to test the Lua Sleep Sack by StraightGrain.  It was fun to sew a different kind of sleepsack!  The pattern is clear and thorough and the few issues in the tester version are all fixed up in the pattern, so I recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to sew up a sleepsack.

 I made a larger size so that I can use it in the coming fall/winter so it looks a bit big on Joshua.  But doesn't it look cute?  Not that one has to look cute to bed, but...

I tried so hard to match the plaid but the one side is still off.  I had already picked out the seams a couple of times (my own fault, not the pattern) so I just left it.


Kobo Sleeve

Sharing this project that my 10 year old daughter made with just a little bit of help from me!

I think she did a fabulous job sewing it up!  The pattern is from Birdiful Stitches and was very easy to follow.


Sophie's Garden Party Dress

I (Suzanne) also made a Garden Party Dress for KCW last week.  Turned out fabulously!  This is the second Oliver + S pattern I've made and I do love working from them.
She measured between a  size 5 and 6 so I made the 6 with a 7 length.  I could've gone with a 5 but now it'll fit longer, right?
I need to move the loop and button up!

Not quite the scenic pictures as Alisa posted but we're planning a trip to the Fraser Valley in a few days so we'll get to see the mountains in all there glory!  Very excited to see all our family there too!!  Maybe we'll even get a picture of our girls in their Garden Party Dresses :)

Garden Party Dress by Oliver + S

We had a little photo shoot on the way home from church so you can see the Garden Party Dress in action.  Nothing like the backdrop of Mt. Cheam and a gorgeous spring day for a good photo!

I made a size 6 with a size 8 length and it fits with room to spare.  She is very slim and actually measured slightly less than the size 5 measurements.

Fabric is from Fabricland.  It was actually $1.50 per metre bought this past fall on a sale.  The coordinating fabric was from a fat quarter bought at Hamels but I only used a small part of it.  So the fabric for this dress was only $4!

The pattern was easy to follow.

This week these two are going to be 5 and 7 years old.  Good thing I have Joshua!

I enjoyed sewing through Kids Clothes Week but this week I have to get back to some other stuff.  Have a good week!


KCW Day 6

Suzanne: I managed to sew today!  (Well, I should say, tonight, as it's reeeally late now!).  I got Sophie's Garden Party Dress finished except for the button and loop.


KCW Day 5

Alisa:  My hour of sewing today produced 2 pairs of leggings for Carolin.  I should have called it Carolin Clothes Week.  We'll see if I get to my sewing room tomorrow.  I have plans to do a few small things...


KCW Day 4

Alisa: It's a terrible photo, but I had to share!  Except for the hem this dress is finished.  I am happy with it and have plans to make another one soon.  I'll do a post with some proper photos soon.