Paper Crafting & Star Tutorial

I have children who love to craft. The table is always full of coloring pages, drawings and cut up papers and fabric (they have a lot of fun with my scraps!). The other week I showed them how to make 3D snowflakes that I found from this tutorial. She nicely reposted it this year so I didn't have to go searching through the archives :). My 5 and 6 year old caught on quickly and had a lot of fun!

Here they are, hanging in our front window!My husband also showed them how to make 3D stars and here's a little tutorial on how to make those:

Take two squares of paper the same size. You can get creative and use fancy paper...we just used regular old computer paper.
Fold them both horizontally and diagonally, both ways.Cut down the horizontal lines to within about an inch and a half from the centerFold over all eight triangles to the diagonal linesOverlap the triangles you just folded and glue or tape downGlue your two stars together (or use double-sided tape) and... Ta-Da! You've got a cool 3D star to decorate your home!
Then you can decorate them however you like. Glue and glitter, stickers, plain old colouring as my kids like to do etc.

Have fun!


Mod Sampler Quilt Along

It's finished! It's finished!

I took part in the Mod Sampler Quilt Along, oh so long ago. I made my slightly larger so it would fit nicely on a twin sized bed.

It took almost 9 months to finally finish it. It sat in my WIP for almost 6 months waiting for the quilting. I finally had a push to get it done becuase Carolin is going in a big bed.

The back is a thrifted sheet. The polka dots make me happy.

Quilting is a random meander over the whole thing. White thread. I am writing very short sentances today. Not sure why. I love this quilt. I'm so glad I'm finished it though.

All of the fabrics (excluding the white and the binding) are from Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom and Farmer's Market lines.

Today's finish is part of Sew and Tell and Fabric Friday.


Thrifty Threads #6

Fall Outfit from Ladies Sweater and Skirt

I wanted another outfit for Melissa for church. She has a jumper, but it is getting too short, and, if possible, I like to have two outfits to switch things up a bit. I wanted to make a dress, but there wasn't too much money left in our clothing budget this month. So I had to rely on my inner thrift and make more with less.

I took a trip to the local Bibles for Mission thrift store where I scored a ladies skirt and top for $3. (I also scored a perfect pair of jeans for myself!)

I used a shirt pattern to kind of remake the top. I was able to use the sleeve as is except for making it shorter and also bottom band of the shirt, so no hemming was needed. It was very quick and easy. I think I will do it again. The skirt was pretty much totally remade, except for the bottom hem. I used the hem of the original skirt.

Flower Brooch to match. It's removeable so I don't have to wash it. I found the tutorial at Sew Blessed.


The Winner

We had 28 ladies enter the giveaway. Thanks so much for entering and leaving comments about what you were making for Christmas or Sinterklaas. Are you wondering what I'm making?


Nothing. Not one thing. I am taking the year off. Last year I made my children all a handmade gift including a twin-size quilt and a lined jacket. So I feel justified in not making anything this year.

So why do I feel guilty?

Anyway, there were 28 comments and there are 37 followers. I added the two numbers up, that's 65. So I when to Random.org (really, there is such a site!) and asked for a random number from 1 - 65. Totally easy.

Here are your random numbers:

13 Timestamp: 2009-11-25 05:08:52 UTC

Number 13 is Pokey! I will be emailing you for your mailing info.



Thank you! We've been having fun blogging about our sewing and quilting these past three months. Your comments and encouragement make it so much more fun. We're not sure exactly where we are going with this blog but we have some ideas...

A while back I mentioned the order I received from Connecting Threads. I'd like to give away these five fat quarters which I received free because of a mistake they made in shipping. (I'd love to give away more, but I'm afraid of what the shipping would cost me.)

To enter the giveaway please just post a comment about any handmade gifts you are making for Christmas this year. If you are a follower you will have an extra entry. Giveaway ends Tuesday evening.


Fabric Friday and Sew and Tell

Rosebud Quilting is hosting her first Fabric Friday and after seeing her button I had to join with my bright quilt I just posted the other day. How coincidental is that? You can see more pictures here.simply square button
I'm joining in with Sew and Tell Friday's at the same time :)

Looking back to this post we will be having our first giveaway! Not only do we have 25 followers, we're at 29 at the time I'm writing this!! Wow - thanks everyone! Hopefully we'll have it up for you on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!


It's finished!!

Bright and beautiful...
childish and colourful...
playful and pretty...
fun and friendly...
and best of all it makes me smile!!
It's a pattern by Atkinson Designs called "Lucky Stars" that started here, then progressed to this and then this, and now it's done and it feels so good! I debated on how to quilt it but really like the outlining and "inlining" the stars. It's the first time I made the back more interesting to make it double-sided but I've been seeing it all over online and thought it would be fun to try. So, for some fabric that's been stashed away for over two years with this in mind, it's done. Now...onto the next project...

On another note...I have a friend who is having a giveaway for a baby or toddler sleepsack to celebrate her 100th sale (including both Etsy and local sales). She has also just launched her first pattern! Very exciting for her! I hope to do a review of the pattern within a few weeks.


A Yummy Pillowcase

For Melissa. She loves it! And now, except for a few scraps, that sweet cupcake fabric is gone.

Some randomness...

* Suzanne and I really appreciate all of the comments our readers leave us. It's fun to read them all!
* We've decided to have a giveaway when we have 25 followers. That's a hint.
* Suzanne is almost finished her quilt. That's why she hasn't been posting lately. I really, really want to see it....
* We took a self-portrait of our family on Remembrance Day. Not perfect, but not bad.


New Fabric

Aqua Terra by Connecting Threads. For a 'project' for 'someone.' If that sounds kind of vague, it's supposed to. I'm not sure who reads our blog.

I'm not sure about this fabric. I've never worked with fabric from Connecting Threads before. Some of it is more coursly woven than others.

One thing I can say about the Connecting Threads. They have terrific customer service. When my fabric arrived it was all wrong. There were three pieces that I had ordered and the rest was all blue fat quarters. I phoned customer service and it was all figured out in no time. They quickly shipped out my fabric and let me keep the wrong fabric. Those are the ones on the last photo.


Goodie Bags

I made the girls little goodie bags for Melissa's birthday party last week. So much fun! I used the tutorial from Moda Bakeshop for the Itty Bittie Poochie bag. I left out the pocket though. The girls loved them.

The photos are terrible. That's what happens on the west coast in November when it rains non-stop.


Birthdays and Bibs

This post was going to be about bibs, but I can't post without mentioning that it's Melissa's birthday today. Here's a photo of my seven-year-old.

I love her more all the time and pray that she'll grow into a beautiful woman who loves her Lord. Though I hope she doesn't grow too fast!


Anyone who knows me in real life (not sure how many of you read our blog - hey why don't you comment and say hi!) knows that I like to make and give bibs. They are a small but rewarding sewing project and so useful to the recipient. I know my bibs are used alot. I've just made a bunch to give and also for Zachary who is starting to eat (very messily.)

Raw-edge applique using a piece of the backing fabric.

Don't you just love these cute prints? The marco polo (blue) print is one of my favourites, but Benjamin loves the machines.

I made a few with this cotton waffle fabric. I don't like it as much as the thick cotton terry (is the what you call towel fabric?)

This one is for Zachary.

For a sweet newborn in our church.

And just for fun, some photos of some I've made in the past.

This one is made with a thrifted towel. It's one of my favourites.


A peak...

The top is pieced!!
And I scored with a $3 red IKEA sheet at the local thrift store for the backing :)