Book Character Day

I finally uploaded my pictures from the past month onto the computer and realized I didn't show you our costumes from Book Character Day.  (Now hopefully my computer doesn't crash as it's been acting up lately!)

Here we have....Gandalf, Blabbermouth, and  Princess Rachel !

I spent the most time on the Gandalf costume.  The only thing I bought was a brown curtain for the cape!  I just cut it to the right length and put a tie through the casing at the top.  For the robe I used a fabric I had in my stash that's pretty heavy and doesn't really fray.  Lukas made the beard using this tutorial.  The hat is based on this tutorial except I used the plastic from a crazy carpet sled for the brim :)
Close up of the hat.  Definitely the hardest part but I'm happy with the result and Lukas was very, very pleased!


  1. The costumes look great! I especially like Gandalf...the hat is spot on.

  2. :) I never saw the hat finished. Looks great! Nice work.

  3. Oh, Gandalf is fantastic, and how pretty is your princess! I got a pass this year as I only have one in Kindergarten and it didn't fall on her day at school, but I know now what's expected of me :)