Around the World in Six Years

During the month of October I aim to get my WIP pile down. Not finished, just smaller. I have had this Trip Around the World quilt top in there for six years. Six years. Why haven't I finished it before now?

I mean really, it looks pretty good doesn't it?

I do know why. I was going to make it bigger. Way bigger. I had the strips of squares sewn up (somewhat) and they were all stuffed in a bag with the top. But I just wasn't inspired to finish it. My piecing skills have come along way and it would have been painful to work on this. So I added a border, quilted it (with fabric that's been in my stash for years for the backing - that feels so good!) and bound it with premade bias tape binding (that has also been kicking around for a few years.) So it's now longer a WIP, but a finished quilt.

It now has a new home at my parents house. That's where I took these photos. It's for the grandkids to use when the are over. I put it over the back of the couch downstairs and it looks really nice there.

Just for the record. My WIP pile has 15 things in it. This includes several items that haven't been started but I've committed to doing. I'll let you know at the end of the month how many I've finished.

On another note. Last month I won a $25 gift certificate from Above All Fabric for entering a photo in Melanie's flickr photo pool. I had so much fun picking out my fabric! Thank you Melanie. Here's a photo of the fabrics I finally decided on.


  1. great quilt, i love it!!! and you are so lucky for spend that gilft certificate!! those fabrics you choosed are so beautiful!!!

  2. Ooooh. I really like that! I bet it does feel good to have that finished!

    I really like the cute fabrics you chose too. Especially the tree's!

  3. Yea! It's finished! And I really like it...it looks really good hanging over Dad and Mom's fence!
    And the fabrics you chose are so cute. Thanks for sharing them with me.

  4. that is a great around the world top...looks fantastic. i should get motivated as well and try to get to the bottom of my WIP pile but i always seem to get so distracted by something new and pretty.

  5. You have some lovely quilts. I love using up stuff in my stash that's been hibernating. Sometimes I think it's just better to finish a quilt and love it (even if it's not the original vision), than keep it in limbo for infinity.

  6. absolutely LOVE the color placement in the quilt. if i had the necessary skill, thats the quilt i would make.love the vintage feel of the quilt. that picture smells of winter and log cabins and firesides and warm cocoa..

    congratulations on loving it enough to finally quilt and finish the WIP.

    the fabrics you selected from aboveall are so whimsical. will we see them in a quilt?