For Monica

I don't know if anyone ever dedicates there quilts to anyone and then keeps it for themselves but that's what I'm doing :)  Monica is (or shall I say "was" as we are now across the world from eachother) a great friend of mine and almost two years ago we decided to both make a table topper using the same pattern but choosing our own fabrics.  Well, with good intentions we both pieced them together and took them along on a combined family holiday to these lovely cottages

but got very little done as you can only imagine.  I'm not sure what I was thinking :)  A few weeks after this my family and I moved across the country and this little table topper came along for the ride.  I did a bit on our long drive and then it got tucked away and every once in a while over the year I would pull it out and do a few stitches (I didn't have my weekly quilting group to go to to keep me going).  In the meantime Monica finished hers

and then moved to the other side of the world!!  I finally finished it before Christmas with a lot less quilting on it than I had intended, and put the binding on last week!

So...I dedicate this to you Monica and will think of you when ever I put this on the table!


  1. sniff... I love it!
    That same good 'ol friend and I have identical table runners. (only mine hangs on the wall instead)
    its is such a great way to remember a great friend!!

  2. I didn't know that you both did one! Way to go on getting it done, finally. The quilting you did do, is gorgeous.

  3. Oh, both of them are beautiful - and isn't it fun to have finished it. The quilting on yours is very pretty!

  4. Both Monika's and your's are gorgeous! Great job and way to finish up a UFO! :)

  5. Suzanne, I feel so honored! I'm so glad that we made those table toppers - mine is full of precious memories of wonderful times together. Beautiful job on the hand-quilting! Miss ya heaps! Luv, Monica

  6. Those look great. Im going to try my hand at quilting im going to start off trying to make a raggedy quilt for my two little ones. Wish me luck