Curtain Making Help...please!!

I'm hoping to glean from anyone who's made their own curtains before.  I'm scared to start!  I have the fabric, lining, header tape, grommets but would love some tips.  Especially about doing the lining.  I'm planning to make flat curtains with grommets so they can be easily opened and closed for privacy and warmth.

This is the fabric I'm using.  The brown is for the bottom 16" or so.

Here are some questions:

Do I hem the top(4") and bottom(6") first and then the sides(1") or the sides first?

How do I attach the lining?  Slip it under the header so the grommets go through it as well and hem the sides in with the curtain leaving the bottom hem separate?

The main fabrics aren't machine washable (I sure hope I don't regret that later!) but the lining is cotton.  Should I prewash that part?

Do I need to serge the edges of the floral/brown seam?

Any more tips before I start?  A good tutorial or website?

Thanks so much!!


  1. That fabric is beautiful!
    I would definitely wash all the fabric first.
    Hem the sides then the top and bottom. Yes, slip the lining under the heading. Serging will give it a more professional look.
    http://www.threadbanger.com/episode/DEC_20080304 http://orange-sugar.blogspot.com/2010/02/tutorial-lined-grommet-top-curtains.html

    Hope this helps!

  2. Cut the lining shorter (width wise) than the fabric so you can't see the lining from the side as well, when it is sewn. Sew the sides together first, then the top- when you sew the top, make sure the lining is even on both sides first (since is isn't as wide and the fabric). Some of the fabric portion will be flipped to the back to act as lining, so make sure you factor those Numbers in before cutting.
    Put the gromets through, and then hem. I serge the sides cause it looks better... or maybe it just feels complete to me.
    Confused? Call me!
    Karen DeM

  3. Gorgeous fabric! Just make sure you have an even amount of grommets on each curtain. Otherwise one end will stick out from the wall and you'll end up seeing the lining. Hope that makes sense...

  4. I've made the curtains for my new home using this tutorial from Sew4Home at

    It was very good at explaining the lining. If you want gromets, just place them where the tabs would be.

    here's another tutorial that looks good:

    Hope you find the answers you need. Just go for it! Looking forward to seeing the finished product :)

  5. From a drapery professional: 1st: at top Serge lining and face wrong sides together. Make double 4" hem. 2nd: bottom hems face fabric is double 4" hem. Lining 1" shorter double 3" hems. 3rd: side hems double 1 1/2". Lining can be one 1 1/2" fold. So, one layer of face fabric folds over lining and then fold again. machine hemmed sides = hand made, so hand hem sides with any invisible stitch. Put drapery weights in bottom edges before hemming. Nice fabrics! TIP: Use fabric glue around grommet hole to keep fabric from slipping out bottom from weight of drapery.