Birthday Party Messenger Bags

Today was Melissa's birthday party with her classmates. She didn't really want to play too many games so I was racking my brain for what we could do. Last night I was doing some online 'research' into what I could do with these girls and I read an article about a mother who had a sewing party for her 9 year old. I figured I'd give it a try....

I did take photos with the girls faces too but I didn't think I should publish them on my blog.

If you had talked to me while we were in the middle of it I would have told you that I would never do it again. But as we got closer to the finish line they were more excited about it and when we were finished they were thrilled. One of the girls didn't finish her bag but she just didn't feel like doing it and I wasn't going to make her. Melissa gave her the one she had made. (She's sweet that way. She didn't want to see her go home without one.) So, I'm not sure if I want to tackle another sewing project at a birthday party. It was worth a try though.

And a photo of the birthday girl in action. I think this shot is so funny. She's blowing so hard because she doesn't want any candles left burning. For every one left that's how many boyfriends she has, or so they say. I'm happy to report that she didn't have any left burning. Good girl.

My beautiful 9 year old.  I love this girl so much!

Pattern was a free tutorial by Amy of Diary of a Quilter


  1. wow - that's pretty ambitious for a birthday party! what a neat idea. And happy birthday to Melissa

  2. Wow!! I'm not sure I'd attempt that either. Good for you and I'm glad it worked out!

  3. Happy Birthday, Melissa! Sounds like a lot of fun for the girls. I love how your daughter was thinking of others on her special day and made sure her friend took home a finished bag.:)

  4. Oh, you're a brave woman! Sounds like it worked out well though, and they turned out great! Happy Birthday Melissa!