Toddler-In-The-Hood Jacket

I loved Zachary's Baby-In-The-Hood Jacket so much that I decided to make a larger one. The pattern is from the book Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner. It only goes to size 2 so I made it a little larger and longer.

The fabric is a dark gray denim on the outside and a heavy plaid cotton for the lining and accents. I think it's a decorator weight fabric. I've had it in my stash for quite some time so it was good to use it up!

Do you know that it's very difficult to take photos of Zachary? He never ever stands still. So it took 28 photos to present you with these 5 mediocre photos.

The coat is meant to be for church and going out. When I showed it to him he said, "Nursery?" (That's where he goes when we are in church.) So it must look like a church coat to him.

And on this last photo you can see the view down our street.  Snow on the peaks!  Crisp cool mornings and sun!  The forecast was for rain and showers all week, but if this is rain then I'm happy!

I'm pretty sure my kids had a conversation this morning something like this:

Carolin:  Hey Zach, Mom looks pretty busy today.  She's got housework and stuff to do.  It's going to be a pretty boring day for us, I'm sure.

Zachary:  Yep, I think you're right.  We'll have to make our own fun.

Carolin:  What should we do?

Zachary:  I think we should start by ripping Ben's light off the wall again.  It's no fair that he should have a light by his bed anyway.

Carolin:  That might work to get Mom's attention.  We could also pretend to be colouring nicely and then dump out the whole drawer of pens and pencils.

Zachary:  Good one, Carolin.  While you are doing that, I'll rip apart a library book and try colouring on the floor.

Carolin:  That should get her attention.  While she's cleaning it up we'll go downstairs for awhile.

Zachary:  That should work.  Then we'll play with some of the girls stuff while we're down there.

Carolin:  I know just what we can do down there.  I've always wanted to dump out all of their beads....

Ever have days like that?  I'm so glad I can walk out of the door tonight at 5:45 to Quilt Till You Wilt with a bunch of other like-minded individuals.  Mostly moms like me who probably have their share of stories to tell too.  I'm looking forward to it!


  1. It looks great Alisa! And I love that he knew it was for church, smart boy!

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  3. Nice coat! A cute story but not as good as the 'pee in grass' story though :-) I'll let your curious friends and family as you about that one...

    FYI- I deleted that last post. I just figured out how to follow your blog and have my name posted at the top of my comments.

  4. oh my goodness that sounds like you had some day!!! love the jacket

  5. Your kids sound much like mine! Glad you got a little reprieve from the craziness and got to sew with some friends! That jacket is too cute!

  6. Wow, sounds like you had a busy day... did you get any of your housework done? I am surprised I didn't hear any of this last night, maybe cuz I was late.