Oregon - A photo post

First visit to the beach.  At Fort Stevens State Park.  We all tore our shoes off and ran toward the water.  Amazing!

The Peter Iredale Shipwreck.

Trying to get a nice sunset shot.

My little clam.  She likes to dig and dig.

Whatever is on the mind gets put on to the big canvas of sand.  This is on husband's mind, obviously.  He also wrote out pi to the 25th (ish) decimal place.

Ben always has the Vancouver Canucks on his mind. :-)

So this is me trying to act younger than I am, obviously.

This may look like a cool shot, but it was not so cool about .01 seconds later when I was covered in sand.  I think I still have some in my ear.

Zachary loved everything about the beach.  The water, the sand and playing with cousins.  This is at Cannon Beach.

Sunset at the jetty.  Ft. Stevens Park is huge and gorgeous.  It's on the peninsula between the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean.

My older girls.  Love this pic.

My husband, cycling in the Pacific Ocean.  Just noticed he's on Ben's bike.  Not sure why.

Grilled cheese over the fire.  

View from the Astoria Tower.  You can see the Astoria Bridge in the photo.  It's 6.6 km's long.

The cousins.

Our best investment into this trip were two 'real' shovels.  Not plastic ones that break and bend but real garden shovels.  A ladies size and a kids size one.  They made some pretty good sand castles.

Do I need a caption here?  Stitching at the beach - wonderful!

Here we are at the beach which is really on the Columbia River.  But it is so gigantic that it seems like a bay.

I think it's nearly impossible to get a sunset on the Oregon Coast without clouds.  But these puffy clouds sure are gorgeous, aren't they?


  1. Wow! Looks like you had a great time!
    PS feel like coming over one day with the kids for a visit?

  2. It's so beautiful there. We were there 6 years ago and loved it!

  3. Looks so fun! That shipwreck is seriously cool.

  4. Love all the pictures! Oregon is a beautiful place to visit.

  5. Ha, HA!! Totally cracking up at your attempt at being young. Love that you can laugh at yourself! :) Looks like a fun and beautiful trip.

  6. oh goodness....i love that part of Oregon. Astoria is one of our favorite vacation places when we lived out there.

  7. I have never been there yet but these pictures sure give me that urge now! Beautiful pics Alisa, looks like a great time. There's always a kid inside us, love your ambition!