No, not that kind of recovering.  I haven't been sick, just making some chairs beautiful!

Bought them used for $50 (4 of them.)  Add $10 for fabric and we have some nice dining room* chairs.  Left side is the new fabric, right side is the old.  I love it!  I plan to paint my table red so they should go quite well together.

*It isn't really a dining room as we don't dine in there.  We play games and the kids craft in there.  But it's attached to my living room, so I like it to look pretty in there.

By the way, I noticed that this is our 400th post on this blog.  It's actually been three years since we started.  Not sure where time is going?!  Anyway, thanks for reading our little blog and for all of your comments!


  1. Good job. Recovering seats is such an easy and oftentimes inexpensive way to freshen an area.

  2. that is great fabric that you picked out, looks awesome.

  3. I love the new fabric. And a red table will look awesome with them. I love red :)

  4. That's a fabulous print! I never did get why furniture makers use light colored solid fabric on dining room chairs...ours are horribly stained and definitely need recovering. You did a great job!