Second Day

Spring Break started yesterday and it runs until April 1.  When you live in the Fraser Valley area (lots of rain!) you know that means you'd better come up with some pretty good ideas of how to keep 5 children busy and not bored.

My children really like to craft.  I live dangerously and even let them paint with acrylic paint in my kitchen.  We have made some fun things though.  Today it was butterflies.

We have a stash of paint shirts and a couple of paint tablecloths that we keep around .

Zachary surprised me by staying on task for quite some time.  He painted for about 1/2 hour and then I tucked him into bed so I could relax a little.

Paper plates are great to use for the artists' palettes.  Easy clean up!

In December we too the girls' bunk beds apart and that resulted in a bare wall in their room.  The butterfly bunting cheers it up nicely.  And they are pretty proud of it too!

The butterfly cutouts were bought at Michaels some time ago.  I purchased the acrylic paints, beads, sparkly glue and pipe cleaners at Dollarama.  We glued little clothes pins to the back to attach to a white string.  I also sprayed the finished butterflies with some craft clearcoat spray.  The worst paint jobs look lovely when they are glossy!

All in all a fun and successful crafting experience.


  1. Looks so cute, Alisa! The girls must love it!

  2. Great idea to hang the butterflies on the wall. The kids did a fabulous job painting!:)