Sidekick Tote #2

I finished this Sidekick Tote just before I left for Alberta.  So I used it for a month and then took photos of it.  I considered not blogging about it but I just have too.  I really, really love this bag.  It's a messenger style so it goes cross ways over the shoulder but with the strap adjusters it can easily adapt into a regular slip-on-the-shoulder type of bag.  It is roomy and it has a zipper.

I added an inside zipper pocket.  In green because I wanted it to be fun!  I also interfaced the part of the lining that is on top of the (white) zipper (for lack of a better way to describe it right now), for better stability.  Otherwise I think the pattern is quite well done and I recommend it!  I will be making another one of these some day for sure.  (I am not advertising this pattern in any way, just happy with it.)

  As you can see, the bag is in full use (and full of mess already.)

And one more thing... this bag was a very frugal handmade.  The navy fabric is a linen blend, and the mustard is a cotton, both from the thrift store.  The white zipper is from a garage sale.  Love that!


  1. Looks great Alisa, and very roomy! I've so far not had luck with making bags that I enjoy using for every day use. Maybe I should try a noodlehead design.

  2. Oh my I totally forgot I wanted to buy this pattern, thanks for the reminder.