A Random Bullet Post

My life seems to be random right now so here goes...

• First of all, the winner for the Bias Tape Giveaway is Jeannie D!  I will be contacting you very soon for your address.

• I was floored that so many people signed up to win this little pile of bias tape.  Seems to me that people love fun and colourful bias tape and would have loved to win this pile.  Thanks for stopping by our little blog!

• We've had gorgeous sunny weather as of late.  Great for gardening, not so much for housework (or homework.)

• I am sewing, I just can't show you any of it right now.

• And the 24 table runners for my sister aren't going to be that exciting to show you.  But I did learn how to make a rolled hem on my serger.  (Thanks for the idea, Karen.)

• And equally boring to show you would be the many jeans made into shorts, long leggings made into short leggings and even a few long sleeve t-shirts made into short sleeved ones.  Saves a lot of money!

• My sister is getting married in less than 2 months!  We are all very excited about that.

• Yesterday I did something I've been wanting to do for a long time.  Together with my mom and sister I participated in the March for Life in Victoria, BC.  In Canada we have no laws regarding abortion.  A baby can be aborted at any stage in pregnancy.  And it happens that babies are aborted at the 40 week mark.
I'm a mother with 5 children.  I've also experienced a miscarriage at the 15 week mark.  I held that little baby and marveled at her completeness.  She was most definitely a human being, a person with her own unique features.  Made in God's image and now with her heavenly Father.  Thousands of babies are killed each year in Canada.  It is heartbreaking and sickening to think of it.  It needs to stop!  It was great to hear my brother speak on the steps of the Parliament Buildings.  May God bless the efforts of all in the Pro-Life movement!

• Aside from the March for Life we had a lovely day wandering around the gorgeous city of Victoria, BC.

On the ferry

On the ferry - Me, my mom, Karen, Mike

The ferry on the way home.


  1. I love your bullet lists! Thanks for the peak into your life (via email too!) :)

  2. I didn't know that about Canada allowing abortions at any stage of pregnancy. My heart cries out for all those babies. God bless you in your efforts.