Oliver & S Family Reunion Dress...flipped

Recently I came across the term "flip" in connection with patterns. I know about flipping houses but I think it's kind of new with sewing. Taking a pattern and changing it to suit your style - something that's always been done but now has a name! :)  Check out Frances Suzanne who hosts fun monthly "flip this pattern" contests.

My flip came about because I had it in my head that I wanted to make one of the girls dresses a drop waist dress and when my first attempt didn't work out so well I had to try something else. Alisa, hearing the despair in my voice of time running out, mentioned she really liked the Oliver & S Family Reunion Dress. Best impulse buy ever!

Here's my version!

The details:
  • I used the size 7 shirt length but took the curve out of the hemline so I could add the gathered skirt to it
  • I pleated the pin tucks all the way down the length of the bodice
  • Straightened the side seams
  • Invisible zip and hook and eye instead of button placket
  • Fabrics are all from my local Fabricland 

I love how it turned out!  Of the three dresses this is my favorite and fits her best!
Love this next picture.  I look at it and can hear the giggles :)

The pictures were taken at the botanical gardens in the town where we live.  Developed and maintained by volunteers it's a beautiful place to stroll through!


  1. It's my favourite of the three too. I love all the details, especially the contrast neckband and faux placket and the piping. Spectacular flip!

  2. I love it too. Kind of nice I could see it in real life.

  3. How pretty! (dresses, gardens & your daughters)

  4. The dress is gorgeous! I love how you 'flipped' the pattern.:)