Picture Post

Green Lake, British Columbia

Mr. Squirt didn't care if you were family or a complete stranger.  You better watch out!

 This guy loves the water!  He could 'swim' to the buoy with the life jacket on.

 Carolin thinks dragonflies and butterflies are wonderful.  She was thrilled this guy decided to have a rest on her leg.


Some very nice folks lent us their kayaks for awhile.  I think we may be looking for some of these!

The start of a thunderstorm.

A friendly buck.  Right behind our campsite!

Chasm Provincial Park

At the Black Diamond Ranch

I think I'll hang on to this photo.  I don't think Benjamin has ever let Melissa "lead" him around ever before.

Playing in the Coldwater River.

Trying to make a stunt video with his ipod taped to his head.

On the way home at the Othello Tunnels in Hope, BC.

This his 'nice smile' these days.


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Love the sky ones. I know we just spent time together but this makes me want to all over again!

  2. Fun! Looks like lovely family times. We were at the Othello Tunnels last summer and it was a lot of fun.

  3. Love the stunt boy with the iPod on his head. That would totally be seen around here too!

  4. Looks like a wonderful time! I can't get over how big the kids have gotten. Your oldest son is almost as tall as you!;)

  5. Some gorgeous photos in there Alisa! Looks like a good trip!