First Day of Spring

My kids have been on Spring Break this past week (and will be next week as well) but today, the first full day of Spring, was the first sunny day.  It was so good to spend most of the day outside.  I was like a magnet, I kept going outside even though I had some house work to do.  The housework didn't get done.  There was lots of bubble blowing, building (a purple coffee table?), walking to the park and library, eating outside, laundry hanging, and soaking up the sun.  Tomorrow we'll be back to rain but we did have one sunny day to remember.


  1. Cherish your memories of a beautiful day, Alisa, here in Ontario we've had a couple (still not warm) but are right back into cold and wintery weather again. Spring will come eventually, but we will probably jump right into summer, it's so late here. Count your blessings, rain is nicer than snow and ice! Blessings! Thea (friend of Suzanne's)

  2. It's been beautiful and sunny here too but I'm judging by your photos and seeing those bare arms that it's been a little warmer out your way! Enjoy spring. :)

  3. Gorgeous! The green, the skies, the mountains, budding trees - glorious! I hope you get a few more days like this next week :)