Little Birds Wall Hanging

Every year I intend to make a springy wall hanging to replace my snowman one and I finally did it this year! This little project was inspired by a couple of things.  I saw this ad from Windham Fabrics that I really liked but was trying to come up with a background fabric.  I first thought a linen so it would have texture but my LQS didn't have any.  Then...Alisa posted her table runner and I fell in love :)
The birds don't stand out as much as I'd like (maybe should've made them bigger or used all solid fabrics) but I still love it!
None of the bindings I first pulled spoke to me and then I came across a small scrap of the orange diamond fabric left over from this project, but it was only a tiny piece!  So I decided on orange and snuck that little scrap in - makes me happy.
Now I can walk out of the house (it's hanging right by the door) with a smile every time!


  1. Its perfect! I love the background texture and the bold pops of colour. How did you do the wire?

    1. I did it with a thick black thread I had and went over it twice, some place three or four times.

  2. It's perfect! I adore. Birds are just so springy - smiles all around!!!

  3. This is adorable!!! I love it just the way it is! I keep telling myself to make a spring table runner or wall hanging, but have yet to do it! Someday!

  4. I think the birds stand out just fine. It's a really fun project!

  5. this is so pretty. i love the color you chose for the binding

  6. I love it, Suzanne! I think your wall hanging looks nicer than the inspiration. The birds stand out enough for sure and you're right, the little bit of different orange in the binding looks really neat.

  7. It looks great! What line are the background fabrics?