Cross Quilt for Prolife

Finally finished this quilt.  It's a group effort by the attendees of our annual quilt retreat (mostly ladies from our church here in the valley) and made with a block pattern by Ellison Lane.

The ladies were instructed to use a white or light background and then girly colours/prints for the cross.  I think it came together pretty good!

The background fabric was given to me by another lady who makes a lot of donation quilts for the hospital.  It was nice that I didn't have to purchase any.

I quilted it with swirls.  Still not perfect but better than the last time I did them!  I'll keep trying.

The photo shoot was super fun with my three fabulous helpers (you can see another quilt I was taking pics of on the post.)  They really get into it and come up with all kinds of ridiculous ways to photograph a quilt.  Lots of fun!

This quilt is being donated to our local Crisis Pregnancy Centre.

  Linking this one up to the Bloggers Quilt Festival.


  1. Lovely. Kudos to you on your swirls - they are gorgeous!

  2. Love your quilting! It turned out very nice.

  3. What a nice place to donate a quilt. I'm going to have to look into sending quilts to the one near me. Love your design!

  4. Beautiful quilt! Kudos to your helpers...they did a great job picking ways to display the quilt.