Salt Air Table Runner

Three years ago I had the big idea to hand quilt this little table runner (or topper).  I would outline the different motifs and it would look really good.  So I picked out some matching embroidery floss and away I went.

Except I hated it.  First of all I had a cotton/linen blend fabric on the back which is much too thick and stiff for hand quilting.  And then I started another hand work project (my EPP stars) so this got shoved in a basket and forgotten about.  I listed it on my Finish Along post becuase it was time to get. it. done.

I gave up on the hand quilting and just quilted in the ditch, slapped a binding on it and promptly gave it away.  I didn't take out the hand quilting though so there are random parts with hand quilting.

I'm glad it's finished and I'm glad someone liked it enough to want it (thanks Karen).  One day, I will hand quilt another (small) project to completion.  But not while I have a baby to hold and take care of. :-)


  1. It turned out cute even with the bumps along the way. Sometimes we just have to get 'er done!!

  2. Haha! Sometimes hand quilting just isn't the right thing to do ;-) I think it's cute though, and glad it isn't tormenting you anymore!