Baby Chevron Quilt

Tap, tap, anyone out there?  Anyone still read little blogs like this one?

I'm popping in to show you a recent finish.  Not that I haven't finished other things but I actually went to a park to take photos of this one.

This quilt started out with some 6.5 inch charms from a swap at last years' Quilt Retreat.  The girls and I went through the stash during Christmas break and found some other fabrics that would work well and then we started cutting and piecing.  Melisssa did the initial approximate cutting.  Then she and Deanna drew lines diagonally across then and paired them up with the grays.

Carolin, only 7 years old, did most of the sewing, a quarter inch on each side of the line.  She loved helping out and with my 1/4 inch foot on the machine it went very well.  When that was all finished, the older girls cut them in half and pressed them open.  

Then I trimmed every single unit down to 5 1/4 inches and started arranging.  I needed to make a few more at that point.  Then I finished it all up, quilted it and bound it.  A fun project by my girls and I.  I love, love the backing and how it matches the front perfectly.  That was completely on purpose by the way.  This quilt is for my great-niece.  (That makes me sound so old but it's the way it is.  She was born the same year as Joshua.)

We took the photos by Sardis Pond.  As you can see, everything is greening up nicely here.  A very early start to Spring.  Today was the first cloudy/rainy day we've had in weeks.  Very unusual weather for our area.

And of course, the kids.  This guy has kept me busy.  Not his fault of course, just the way things are.  His cuteness makes up for it!

Zachary loves to push Joshua around anywhere and anytime. 

I hope to be back soon to show you another quilt I completed this year.  Till then, take care!



  1. So neat that all of your girls helped with this one! Love the colours - and your spring photos.

  2. It's beautiful!!

    To answer your first question..yes still reading blogs, but not always commenting. Often I'm reading blogs through a reader on my tablet and leaving comments is a multi-step process. Sign of the times.

  3. I love the colors Alisa!! I was going to do grey and white chevron with my blocks from that quilt retreat but now you have me thinking of more colors!!! Quilt looks great and it's so nice to do a project with our children isn't it?

  4. I like the color combinations on this quilt! I like hearing about how you and your girls worked together to make it.

    I'm a great-aunt too thanks to marrying someone older than me who was the baby of his family.;)

  5. Love this quilt! With my discovery of instagram, I find that my blogging, and blog reading, has really slowed down. Makes me sad and I need to change that.

  6. great chevron! I check out your blog at least a couple of times a month! Love to see what you and Suzanne are working on.

  7. Oh SO pretty! I really love chevron quilts, but have yet to tackle one. Great job involving the children (not my strongest skill).

  8. Such a pretty little quilt. I'm pinning for future reference. And yes, blog reading (including your little one) is my favourite online interest. I have your blog in my feed reader so I don't miss a thing, even if there's a big time gap! Please do keep blogging. I blog as well but not very frequently. I don't get discouraged mostly because I don't really care if anyone reads my blog. I blog mostly just to keep track of my own quilting projects and to make sure I have a record of my work. Also, if any friends or family ask what I've been doing, I can have them look at my blog since I give all of my quilts away as soon as they're finished.