Flower Girl Dress

First off, I have to show you this photo of our five children. They were so excited to be a part of Tom and Yvonne's day. Our three oldest went to the reception with us and that was a new experience for them. They loved it!

Carolin and Vincent walking to the front. They walked straight to Uncle Tom to get their promised candy. What bribery! It worked. Gord took the photo. I was watching from the back.

Carolin walking out. Vincent fell fast asleep and had to be carried out. Very funny.

These next few photos I took on Sunday (after the wedding.) I hadn't taken any close-up photos of the dress on the wedding.

I made a little shrug for over the dress to keep her warm while we were hanging around getting photos taken. It was a good thing, as it was fairly cool and we did have to wait around a bit.

It was a simple pattern, but I did have to take it in quite a bit. Carolin is very slim and tall so I had to take in the width on the bodice. I was kind of nervous how it would turn out. Somehow a flower girl dress has to be 'perfect'. I was nervous for nothing. It fit her perfectly.

Isn't she beautiful?


  1. Yes, She Is!! and you can tell she feels beautiful, too. So sweet!

  2. My kids are in swimming lessons until the 6th of may.. the week after will be better to get together! (I tried to email, but my settings don't let me do it)
    Karen D