One dress done!

I finally finished Anneke's dress after two weeks of working on it off and on. I struggled with the zipper and setting in the sleeves but it did come together very well.  I think it turned out really cute and she loves it!
I used Burda 9545. The only thing I changed was I stitched down the "belt" on the front and used buttons to close it instead of velcro. 
Next time I'll be putting the sleeves in before I sew the side seam and I'll gather the skirt and underskirt together instead of putting it in later and having to hand stitch around the zipper.  It should go much faster.  My goal is to make two more for my other girls and a tie for my son before we head out to BC for my brother's wedding.

We are just finishing off a wonderful week of Spring/Easter break over here.  The weather was beautiful so the kids did lots of playing outside.  We went for walks and bike rides, did some reading from Little House on the Prairie, played some games etc...

Look what's coming in my garden!  (Keep in mind that this is over a month earlier than last year!)


  1. The dress is adorable suzanne!! I can't wait to see you in like 2 and half weeks!!!
    Love Karen

  2. I love the dress! Looks really nice on her. And isn't it so nice how early winter is over this year?

  3. Such a sweet fabric for a pretty dress. She looks adorable, and you can see she loves it!

  4. that is such a pretty little dress...spinning dresses are our favorite