Burda 9596 - Thrifty Threads #18

This is the third time I've made this coat and at this point I think it will be my last!

I am so happy to be finished with this! I've had it in the queue since October. That's 3 months.

Melissa is very pleased with it though and thinks I made it really quickly. She didn't see me work on it until I was finishing it up.

I always like the lining to have a bit of punch. Red flannel to keep her warm. This time, though, I used a satiny lining for the arms. It is difficult to get an arm out of a coat with flannel lining.

I bought the denim at the thrift store for $4. It is hard to see on the photos, but it is a really nice denim. I spent about $6 on the lining fabrics. The pattern is one I've used before. So about $10 for a Sunday coat. I think it will last her for 2 winters. If not, I have two more girls to wear it out. :-)

Please excuse the terrible photos. I was playing with my camera settings to get a decent photo in dusky conditions. It is dusk all day here right now. Really.


  1. Beautiful coat! What a thrifty deal :)

  2. I agree...it's a beautiful coat and what a great deal!

  3. Very nice again! It looks really good in the denim and i love the red lining!

  4. Great idea and a beautiful coat. I also love the red lining! It adds so much to the coat. - Linnet