A great day with a good friend...

I had an old friend (well she's not old but we've known eachother for a long time) come on Wednesday til Thursday.  We had a great time chatting and crafting.  In less than 24 hours we managed to get to Fabricland, make a scarf and a couple of skirts!

I had tried making a scarf with this grey jersey I had but my first attempt didn't look so hot so I tried it like I saw on this tutorial and it worked out great.  Very fun - I'm sure I'll wear it often.
We made the skirts using a pattern in the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love.  This one is mine using some cordoroy I found at a Thrift shop and some other fabrics I had...
This is Karen's using the fabric I just bought for a little jacket (I guess I'll have to go and get some more :) and the underskirt is some thin curtains I had from my sister.
We both hope to add a bit more detail before they're all the way done!

Thanks for coming Karen!  I had a great time!

And now I get to look forward to Alisa coming in 4 days!!!


  1. what a fun time with a good friend. you are so lucky, and your projects turned out great. i love that scarf!

  2. Cute scarf! I posted about scarfs today too. It must be scarf day. The skirts are adorable! The girls look like they enjoy them just by the way they are standing.

  3. Beautiful skirts! Are they Insas?

  4. That's great Suzanne!!!! I am so glad you had a good day with your friend. Have fun with your sister this coming week!

    From your brother Mike. Ya, that's Mr. Schouten the CHP Canada candidate here in South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale. You can check out mikeschouten.ca for more info.

  5. Cute skirts! I have the book but haven't sewn anything from it yet. Glad you were able to spend time with your friend.