A Psalm Book Cover

When we opened gifts last month the girls all got nightgowns and Lukas wasn't left out in the handmade gift department. He got a Psalm book cover. And was very happy with it!
I was going to embroider his name in the canvas band but didn't have time so it stayed like this.
Hopefully now his Psalm book will stay in good condition!


  1. Looks good! Did you use a pattern for it?

  2. I like it! Is the animal print a twill?

  3. I was just thinking of making covers for ours. Did you use a pattern or did you cut around the Psalm book?

  4. I just measured around when it was closed and added seam allowances. It was a tiny bit tight but once it was on a little while it fit good.
    I didn't use a specific tutorial for this as I've made a journal cover before and just did it from memory but here's a good tutorial:

  5. Have you ever made one with handles Suzanne? I was thinking that might be good for my kids, and I'm sure I've seen some at church before, just don't know the best way to do it. A pair of handles on the open edges? A single one on the spine?

  6. I'm so bummed they made the new Psalter Hymnal different. :P I don't know if the thin cover could handle a fabric cover?