On Being a Mother

Being a mom often means putting aside our own wants in favour of our childrens'.

Today it meant helping my girls finish their doll quilts. Even though I'd much rather have had my own time in the sewing room.

One day they'll be gone. Moved out or married. I have to teach them and love them as much as I can right now. And it's the last week of summer vacation.

One last photo for those who like to see photos of our family. Benjamin took this photo. There's a water spot or something on the lens but I still just love it! Getting tossed back and forth is sheer delight for Zachary and you can see it on his face.

Have a good week! Spend time with your little ones before they head out the door next Tuesday.


  1. Hey, that's what we did today too! Elayna took some scraps and made a doll blanket. She's pretty proud of it!
    Love that last pic!

  2. Great job sewing... My kids have been sewing too the last couple of weeks and I've been "fighting for time" on the sewing machine!

  3. I think I make that face when quilting too!!!!! That is very nice that they get their sewing time :o) I LOVE the flying child shot!!!!!

  4. I love that picture of Zachary. I can fly, anything is possible. Pure joy of children. Sometimes it's hard to put aside my wants. One of my sons knows how to work the system. He comes over with his arms up and says "hug and kiss?" What an amazing time spent with your daughters.

  5. That spot in the last photo is a sun flare, something many photographers desire to have in their photos, so much that often they add them in photoshop! And you got one naturally! Nice photo!