Sometimes I Make Dresses

And don't take photos of them for a couple of months. What can I say?I finished Melissa's dress at the beginning of July and Deanna's sat around half finished until the end of July.
I'm glad I made them though. They've been wearing them every Sunday since. They are simple and cool, yet modest. (I won't go into a rant right now about the clothes one can buy for young girls. Maybe later.)
Pattern is Burda 9703. I've made this one three times now. I like it when I can use a pattern more than once.
And, all three girls together.


  1. Adorable! Decent clothing options for girls, especially beyond a 6, are slim pickings. Why stores think that girls need to look sexy is beyond me.

  2. very nice! I like the last picture :)
    Can I come for a visit next week??