Baby-In-The-Hood Jacket

My second project from Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner. This little jacket is a great design and sews up very easily. I found the instructions pretty straight-forward.

I used a variety of prints from my stash and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I made the 24 months size and added 2 inches to the length of the jacket as well as to the arms. It's too bad that it's kind of snug on Zachary (22 months). He won't fit it for long.

As you can tell by these photos, it's kind of hard to take photos of Zachary. He moves alot.

I couldn't decide which photos to post - they are all so cute. :-)

The age he's at is so much fun and so busy at the same time. Naptime is relief time if you know what I mean.

See all that green moss Suzanne? If it makes you feel better, it is now covered with a thin layer of snow.

I'm linking this up to Fabric Tuesday.


  1. He looks so cute! Definitely a busy little guy!

  2. What a cute little jacket. Love it... might just have to acquire that book for my birthday ;) How are you house moving plans going? Our house hunting plans aren't going too great :(

  3. He is absolutely adorable! I know exactly what you mean about being active at that age. We have 3 boys... all still active even as teenagers! I love that jackets! Just out of curiosity... would it possible to take out the side/arm seam and insert a piece and add the same fabric to the bottom to make it longer. I used to do that with the boys' stuff (especially the youngest) when they were little to so that is could be worn longer. (they were known to become emotional attached to clothes so it made life simpler for us at the time...) One way or the other that is a great jacket!!!

  4. I used that brown and blue plaid to make my Baby in the Hood jacket too! I like how you used a variety of prints. I may have to try that on the next one I make.

  5. where can I get the pattern for this little jacket?