Book Winner and a Jane Market Bag

Thanks for entering the giveaway for Easy Greeting Gifts.  There can only be one winner though and it is #21 - Saraccino!  Congratulations!  I'll be emailing you for your mailing address.

I made this Jane Market Bag recently.  It is a great pattern.  The only change I made was to add a piece of hard plastic into the bottom of the bag.  It is not a very photogenic bag though.  It is quite floppy, but that is because it is meant as a grocery/shopping bag and not a tote as such.  It is quite like the cloth grocery bags from Superstore.

Inside I used a linen that has been in my stash for 15 years.  I bought it it Brazil when I was 18 years old.  (And yes, that makes me 33!)   I had a skirt made for me and I've had the leftovers ever since.  I have been trying to use up what I have and this time I used my precious linen.  I still have some left though.

Again, my photos are uploading the wrong way.  Does anyone know why this is happening?  I never  have had this problem before...

I made a little pouch to go with it.  Taken from this pattern but changed.  It's a great pattern by the way.  This was made for gift exchange we had with our family a while back.  It's a game in which one can steal your present from you.  (It's a fun game!)

Seeing as today is my kid's last day of school before Christmas Break I will probably not be around much on our blog.  I'll probably pop back in once more before the end of the year.  Till then, Alisa