Moments in my sewing room - I'm quilting!

And loving it!
I'm having trouble with it pulling a bit with the straight line quilting. I've lowered the presser foot pressure...anything else I can do to help?


  1. I love it too! Very, very nice!

  2. no suggestions, but I love the straight line quilting

  3. Try more pins.
    Try working clockwise then counter clockwise with each line.
    Try holding all layers together taught/tight from corner to corner as you stitch each side of the square to prevent sliding.
    I'm surprised it is doing it that much if you are working with a quilting/walking foot.
    Hopefully some of those suggestions help you.
    It looks great... I love the straight quilting in the squares!

  4. Suzanne...that quilt is beautiful! I love those colours! No help on the pulling though.
    Jen S.

  5. okay, three things for you.

    1. i love your quilt. adorable.
    2. when you baste, pin no more than two inches apart. some people also using basting spray and then pin, but i don't love basting spray.
    3. if you are serious about quilting, invest in a walking foot. best. invention. ever. it's a foot made for quilting through the three layers. they're not cheap, though (nothing about quilting is really cheap). santa maybe?

  6. It's going to be a beautiful quilt! My suggestion (not that I quilt!) was already said...a walking foot.:)

  7. What about using a walking foot so everything is feed evenly through your machine?