A Couple of Wreaths and a Winner

A couple more wreaths.  The top one I actually made last year but I put a new bow on it this year.  I love it!

Besides the ribbon, this one is made with all thrifted materials.  I picked up the vine wreath a few months ago and the ornaments just recently.  The photo isn't superb but you get the idea.  It's hanging in my family room.

And now for the winner of the Kamsnaps Snap Pliers....

#29 - Anne

Anne has a blogger profile but no email address.  Is it my friend Anne?  Or another Anne... :-)  Just email me if you are the one!

And now I'm off to finish a gift for tonight!


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  2. Wow - I checked twice and #29 is me, your friend Anne. I'm very excited! Not sure what's up with my blogger profile - it keeps forgetting my settings.

    (oops - tried to fix my first post and it got deleted - anyways, I think the email address in my profile is fixed now)

  3. I really like the pine cone wreath! I ended up just buying one at Superstore - actually similar to this one with all pine cones and a bit of red berries.

  4. Love the pinecone wreath! I've been wanting to make one for years, but never get around to it! I made an acorn one last year, very heavy!