Bib Week: Applying Your Bias Binding

Good Morning! Today I present you with another video, this time showing you how to go about applying the bias binding you've made. It certainly isn't perfect but hopefully it gives you some assistance.
If you have photos of your handmade bibs please feel free to email them to me - gordandalisa at gmail dot com. On Friday I'll post them all! Have a good day! It's Benjamin's 11th birthday today and I am expecting a bunch of boys over after school. Fun! (Not really but if I keep telling myself that, maybe it will be? :-)


  1. Happy Birthday Benjamin!! Hope you're having a fun party! Did you get something in the mail today? If not then hopefully tomorrow :)

  2. Another good video, Alisa. I love the fabric on that bib, so cute. Just a note, you didn't mention that the 1/32" extra should wrap on the back side so that you will catch it when you stitch the binding down.

  3. Love the video tutorial, well done :) Now I offically know how to make the proper binding.