Miscellany Bullet Post

Definition of MISCELLANY

a plural : separate writings collected in one volumeb : a collection of writings on various subjects
: a mixture of various things

• It's 13 degrees (Celsius) today.  Two weeks ago it was -15 degrees.  I dug around in my garden and enjoyed the feeling of spring.

• I took photos outside today of some bibs I've made.  This is what it looks like when I take photos.

A leftover piece of wainscot panelling, an old kitchen chair and sticky tack.  I should have painted the panelling with a matte paint though...

• Suzanne and I have dubbed next week "Bib Week" here on the blog.  Nothing huge, just bibs and how-to's all week.  I've even made a couple of videos.  Tried to anyway.  Not super professional but they might help you out.  Feel free to pass it on.

• If you have some photos of bibs you've made feel free to email them to Alisa.  I'll make a post with some of my favourites.  If you've made a bib from my pattern I'd really love to see it.

• I have three sick kids right now.  Zachary was sick on Saturday and Sunday.  Just waiting for the last one.  Hopefully Gord and I don't get it.  I washed my hands so many times that I have dried out skin.

• I'm looking forward to my annual quilt retreat in a few weeks!  I plan to work on Zachary's quilt.

• Benjamin is turning 11 next week.  I even plan to make him something for his birthday.  Not a bib.

 • Did I mention the weather?  I get energy from the sun, especially when it's not expected.  Here in the Lower Mainland we have some months with no sun.


  1. I'm loving the sun today too! Hope your kiddos are all better soon!

  2. I don't know if I've made the Lower Mainland connection with you and your blog before. I grew up in Abbotsford and now live in Nanaimo. It's nice to make these local links in the crafty world. :)

  3. yes, I'm a fellow sun lover and have 20 bibs ready for binding. And I've quit. So reading this has given me the official boot in the butt to get going! Hopefully I'll have at least one pic to send you soon!

    1. You can do it! I'd love to see a photo from you...

  4. I have to laugh because when I read your title I thought "is miscellany a word?" :) I guess you knew someone would have that question.
    I hope all the kids feel better soon! Sick is no fun...
    Love the "Bib Week" linky!
    I'm a little jealous of the digging in the garden but I'll get over it.
    There...that's my little bullet list :P

  5. A bib for Ben! hahahah! an eleven year old might be rather young tho for a lobster bib, but after tackling a lobster he might be happy to say he had one! I have a tough time makeing more than two of anything! And certainly not bibs - no one to make, sell or gift them to! But I am cheering you on! Oh and it looks like we have very similar siding on our abodes...

  6. Yes, this weather is GREAT! Logan and I were digging around in the garden yesterday...it felt so good soaking up the rays!
    I thought of you today when I picked up 'only' Ben at the busstop. Hope they get better soon for you!
    Excited about the quilt retreat too but not sure if I am doing the Craft-A-Thon one here or the one in Cloverdale...we'll have to see. :)

  7. Woohoo...my comment worked this time:)

  8. I am so jealous that you can already dig around in your garden! Enjoy the sunshine :)

  9. Oh i loved the sun , i wish it lasted longer. I also have sick kids. Last week I had one with the stomach flu and one with fever head cold flu. And now I have another one home this morning with the stomach flu. See you in a couple weeks!!!!!

  10. :) I appreciate the inclusion of the definition. Enjoy the unexpected warm weather!