Scrap Bin Diving

For Melissa's birthday we had the girls in her class over for a little party.  Rather than a goodie bag I made some pouches from my scraps.  Inside was a roll of life savers and a chap-stick.

These pouches are small.  Only 3.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall!  The lifesavers and the chap-stick just barely fit.  And the girls loved them. 

So colourful and happy.  So frugal.  So me. :-)

And yes, on this last photo you can see that one of my pouches is 'wrong'.  It was the first one I made and I forgot to look at it while making the other five (assembly line style.)  Obviously it's not going to matter for the girls but the photo would have looked much nicer!

One last little thing.  I have been going through alot of my stuff lately and getting rid of things I no longer want or need.  I have listed this book on my local swap/sell board but I thought I'd offer it here too.  If you would like to buy it, it is $10 plus shipping.

In the next couple of weeks I will be listing a few more things in my shop so keep looking.  Also, I know I mentioned a giveaway for my bias tape.  I really hope to get to that this week too. 

Have a good week!



  1. Fun idea! Love all the pretty colors in the little pouches.;)

  2. Very sweet, and such a nice alternative to goody bags.

  3. Good idea, these are very cute. :)

  4. those are so cute! if only I knew how to make those little zippers work! any chance you would do a little picture tutorial for those??