A sleep sack for Sebastian

After finishing the sleep sacks for the CPC I put it on my list to make one for Sebastian because his was getting way too small.  I finished it just in time to give him for Sinterklaas when we do our gift giving!

I first took some pictures inside...
 But then I thought I'd try get better pics and venture outside.  So I trudged though this...
...to get this next picture, which really isn't all that much different.  But now you get to see how much snow we already have and it's not even half way through December!

The inside is a cute flannel print and the outside is regular cotton.  I used McCalls 2346 for the pattern pieces but used the instructions from Twice as nice Boutique's pattern.  She's actually closing up shop so everything is 25% off if you're interested in the pattern or a premade sleep sack!

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