The Matching Placemats

Today I sewed before I did my breakfast dishes!  I need this for tonight and I really wanted the relief of having it completed.  Now I just need to write out the card and wrap it up.

I am a little nervous about giving this gift as I don't know the recipient very well. 

These photos are really terrible.  It's down-pouring outside and there isn't a whole lot of light.  The placemats look much better in real life.

The braid look of the placemats was inspired by this recent MBS tutorial (which I pinned a mere 5 days ago!)  It was time consuming but worth it.


  1. Don't be nervous to give these...I'm sure the recipient will love them!

  2. They look great - even with the bad lighting :) I'm sure whoever gets them will love them!

  3. I love how you quilted them! i pinned that tutorial too.