Hot Pads, Pot Holders, Trivets - What do you call them?

Since I can't get a decent photo of anything right now I thought I'd go all the way and give them the 1960's treatment.  Looks like my parents' photo albums.  Except I am pretty sure they wouldn't have taken photos of hot pads.

So, what do you call these things anyways?


  1. In our house everyone knows that those things are the "thinga-ma-bobs" - we are so sophistacated :).

  2. Pot Holders.
    Sometimes I may call them Trivets...depending on my mood!

  3. I had to ask Anneke because once I started thinking about it I couldn't remember! She says I say pan holders :)

    And, no, I don't think Mom would've ever taken pictures of them but she probably never had such nice ones either!

  4. They're definitely hot pads in my vocabulary. Hot mitts if they're the mitten type. And a trivet is something hard (like metal or wood or ceramic or something). Not saying that's "official"...just how it goes in my house. And since this is probably a regional thing...my extended family is from Ohio/Michigan, I grew up in Nebraska, and now reside in Missouri. :-)

  5. I never know what they are called either...but they sure a cute!

  6. matjes!! My parents are from Holland, and I never knew what they should be called in English...

    Gorgeous! I love the woven look.