2013 Finish-A-Long (Suzanne)

When Alisa joined the Finish-A-Long it pushed me to go and make a list of my UFOs and I'm going to join up too!
she can quilt
#1 My dress! - Hopefully by putting this on here I'll get back to it again!  I made the muslin quite a while ago and I do have it cut from the good fabric but then I got sidetracked before Christmas.

#2 Scrappy Trip Along - I have only have 3 blocks finished (2 more are almost there) and would love to have this be a fast quilt done. It's feeling really good to be using my scraps!

#3 Doll shirt and leggings - the girls and I have been making a bunch of doll clothes and this outfit is still needing a couple things.  I'll have to do a doll fashion post soon!

#4 Bind this change pad and finish crib sheet. Okay...these have been sitting half finished for at least a year!

#5 This grandchildren cross-stitch is back in my hands because there are more hearts and names that need to be added. I'd love to be able to get this back on my parents wall soon.

#6 These 2 doll quilts and pillow sets. This is actually my daughters project but she needs my help and encouragement to finish it.  They only need to have the bindings finished.

#7 Quilted Runner for the girls room.  Tessa was begging me to sew something so I took a Kaffe Fassett charm pack that I won once in a giveaway for her to sew together.  She's a bit young yet and so far just presses the foot pedal while I stand behind and feed the fabric through.  It would be nice for her (and me!) to be done this project.

On top of all that I have a quilt swirling around in my head that's going to be started soon but it's not started yet so not a UFO yet.


  1. That's a fair amount of work! Good for you, listing it out.

    (I wanna see more Scrappy Trip blocks! :D )

  2. It doesn't even sound too bad, Suzanne. Finish the easy stuff first. Obviously the cross stitch is going to take some time (didn't you just add on to it??) so you'll have to pick away at that one.