A Handmade Birthday - Dolly and Me Outfits

We celebrated our Sophie's 4th birthday on Christmas Eve. It was fun getting ready for it as almost everything we gave her I made! 

I managed to make an outfit for her and her dolly out of 2 half meters of knit I bought a couple of years ago at Fabricland.  I only have a few tiny scraps left.
So excited to have matching clothes!
The top is the Mail Express Tunic from Ottobre 1/2012 and the leggings are made using this pattern.
I added cuffs to the leggings because I didn't have enough length in the half meter I had.  Adds a cute detail.
Sara's (the doll) outfit was based on this free pattern but I changed the length, added cuffs and details etc.  The cuffs and length of the top were determined by the amount of fabric I had.  I just squeaked it out!  The ruffles on the front were a happy accident.  I ended up with a slit in the bodice front - still not sure how I did that!  So I covered it up with a ruffle :)
I think she likes it :)

Happy Birthday Sophie! We hope your year is full of joy!


  1. Love them! I think you did a smashing job. : )

  2. Sophie is lovely!!!
    L-O-V-E her hair!!
    perfect birthday gift....
    it's like a mommy & daughter team