2013 Finish-A-Long

she can quilt

I've decided to join in the Finish-A-Long at She Can Quilt.  I really need a push to get some things finished.  The idea is that you list the things you want to finish now and then in 3 months go over your list and see how much you've accomplished.  Sounds like a reasonable plan right?  Now my goals are not all quilty but I'm going to list them anyway.  And a few other things too.

#1 - A queen sized quilt out of this beautiful fabric for my bed.  To match the walls we Gord painted in the summer.

#2 - I don't have a photo of it but I want to finish a mini quilt that has been waiting to be finished for a very long time.  The top was given to me by Amy of During Quiet Time and it will look perfect in my room.

#3 - A bed skirt for my bed to match above quilt and walls.  I might lazy out and just buy one.

#4 - Finish up the photo wall and other stuff related to said painted room.  Just get it done already, Alisa!

#5 - Sidekick Tote

#6 - A bunch of bibs

#7 - Bias tape for my shop

#8 - Ipad Pouch

I have a bunch of other stuff on the list but I think this is plenty for now!  We'll see how much I can get accomplished and how much I start between now and the beginning of April.  Am I crazy?

Finished my last blocks for the Bee I was in this past year.  It was fun, but I am totally okay with not continuing as I found I was always trying to get things done but a deadline and sewing is my fun thing.  (Says she who just made a big long list of things she wants to get done...)


  1. You can do it! Will you do a show n tell of the finished room when you have the quilt, bed skirt, and photo wall done?

  2. I think you can do it! And if you don't it's no big deal because no one besides you is waiting for anything to be done!
    I love the classifieds print!! And almost immediately I saw Edmonton pop out of the other word one.
    I think I might make a list too...then I'll actually know what I have on the go :)

  3. good idea to make a list. Our bedroom still isn't decorated and it's been 6+ years... so you're WAY ahead of me :)

  4. Can't wait to see your 'new' bedroom when it's finished!
    You go girl!!