The quilting bug...

Over the past four weeks or so I've "taught" 5 other ladies the basics of quilting! Quite daunting and I often felt like I was forgetting all kinds of things but it was a lot of fun and the finished projects look great. We made a simple square table topper that used six different fabrics. That really helped with learning how to use a rotary cutter and straighten fabric!

This one is finished:
(excuse the dark indoor pictures but it was either - 30C or night time)And these two just need the binding stitched down:
The other two ladies will be finishing theirs in the new year and mine isn't done yet either (I have way to many half finished projects on the go...soon, very soon I'll be able to cross a few off!).

So...how did you catch the quilting bug?


  1. My darling sisters some how managed to get me involved in quilting... first with a quilted bag, then encouraging me to join textiles and finally a quilt of my own!! Thanks guys!
    Love Karen

  2. The table toppers look great! I caught the quilting bug from my grandmother. On my 13th birthday she gave me a rotary cutter, mat, fabric and an Irish Chain quilting book. At the time, I was not appreciative and didn't get past cutting out the fabric. I rediscovered everything when I was in University, made the Irish Chain quilt, and have been hooked ever since!

  3. Love those table toppers. I can't believe I've never made one - I just jumped right in to making lap quilts (before I really knew what I was doing!). I'm hoping to make some of them for next Christmas - they were on the list for this year, but I totally ran out of time!

    I caught the quilting bug by accident, I guess. I have friends who quilt, but I'd never really been interested. But then I found a pile of sample swatches of fabric at a garage sale (all coordinating Laura Ashley prints, from who knows when!), and they just called out to be made into a quilt. I read a lot of blogs about quilting, and then just went for it. I figured if I screwed it up, I was only out $2, so who cared? But it turned out awesome, and it's still one of my favorites. I call it "the first hit is free" quilt, because I'm totally addicted now! :-)

  4. I wanted to start making quilts for our girls and had been sewing for years already. But thanks to you I learned the quilt basics and now they're all enjoying a quilt or two of mine to snuggle with :) So have you figured out how many people you've taught now, and how many of those table toppers have been made?

  5. Love those little table toppers - and I haven't ever made one either...

    I began quilting (all by hand) as a way to relax - and I've been quilting ever since...