Last week my oldest turned 9. I'm starting to feel old. 9? Really? I have a kid that old? Only one more year in the single digits.

A RTW shirt with a 9 appliqued on it. I paid $3 for the shirt and used a part of a thrifted shirt for the applique. He liked it but I couldn't get him to model it for the camera. He always wears a hoodie sweatshirt over his shirts. Always. He could wear the ugliest shirts ever and no one would ever know.

A Canada flag cake by his request. He'd like Canada to win a bunch of gold medals.

I'm not good with cakes at all. I don't do cut up and shaped cakes. I do rectangular cakes with decoration on top. This was easy. I just made a stencil from a maple leaf print out. I laid it on top of the iced cake and sprinkled red sanding sugar on top.

What about you? Fancy cakes, plain cakes or bought cakes?


  1. really cool! just wait until he's close to high school- now that is scary! wyatt has one more year before he heads off there!

  2. Mine (7) ALWAYS wears two shirts and the top one HAS TO BE a short sleeve one...
    I don't do fancy cakes either. I made a butterfly cake once. It turned out okay, but was tooooo much work. Since then I have been buying the Kroger cakes with whipped icing! They are the best. Seriously. Everybody loves them.

  3. i seem to end up making fancy cakes...or just making a sheet cake as fancy as possible. happy birthday to your son.

  4. Ha! My nine year old always wears a hoodie over his shirts too. Just today he stopped what he was doing and asked me, "What shirt am I wearing today?" At first I thought he wanted me to try to guess, but actally he couldn't even remember what shirt he had on under his hoodie. It cracked me up!

    I try cut up cakes, but I'm not very good at them. The last birthday cake I made was more like your Canadian cake. A rectangle cake with the shape of a banana on it. So much easier!

  5. The cake decorating gene did not hit this side of the family! Plain cakes...with frosting slapped on them...

    And, the years fly by ... my little one will be 34 this year.

  6. I like your cake!!!!! Very patriotic. I do both cut-out cakes and rectangle.

  7. Great #9 shirt! As for cakes...I do my own per the kids' requests. There's been butterflies, trains, Harry Potter, caterpillar cake in my past. The end results aren't necessarily pretty but they are edible! I'm definitely not a cake decorator.

  8. Yikes! My oldest is 15 today! It goes by fast Alisa. As you know, I like to make fancy cakes that the kids will love. As they get older it gets easier... no more Barbie doll cakes, Pooh & Elmo have gone by the wayside, anything chocolate is fine with them :-) Speaking of which, I better get baking her cake for dessert tonight. Have a great day Alisa! KarenK