Thrifty Threads # 9

I got it in my head the other day to make Sophie an outfit. I took one of my husband's pairs of pants that he never wears because they're too short and used this pretty remnant I got the other day for the shirt and cuffs. So...a new outfit for about $1!  Very satisfying!  The shirt is made using the Sweet Little Dress pattern (once again) - I just shortened it.  The pants I just traced from another pair she had but made them a bit longer.  I had wanted to make long sleeves but didn't have enough fabric so for now she'll be wearing a shirt under :)
You can see on this picture how I did the waist. I had leftover non-rolling elastic and stretch fabric from when I'd altered clothes for maternity wear, so I used that to make a nice comfy waistband. The only thing is the rise is a little long so it fits better when I fold it over like in the pic.


  1. Adorable outfit! I love the print...very spring like.

  2. So very cute, Suzanne! Your topstitching looks great!

  3. LOVE it!! You are so super creative and everything you do turns out so beautifully! You inspire me :)