Giveaway winner! and what I've been up to...

The winner of the Sleepsack Pattern is Anne from Film and Thread! Congratulations!  She was the first winner but just emailed me saying she really doesn't need the pattern so...

...our second random number is...#10

Laura, who said "Love the pattern and would love to give it a go! Yours looks great!"
I don't have an email address for you so if I don't hear from you in the next day or two we'll pick again :)

(can you believe when I did the random number generator it was #5 again??  Are you sure you don't need it Anne?)

Here are my next three colours for my "not-so-paintbox" Paintbox quilt.  I made 4 pairs of each colour so I have 48 done so far - almost half way :)
And a little something I'm working on to spruce up our basement...


  1. Wow, that's great that I won! I'm so excited to try this on baby #5 due in the summer. Thanks so much! My email address is: llmeerstra@yahoo.ca

  2. how funny that you chose her number twice!!! congrats to Laura

    i just thought it was funny that my word verification was 'sacka' considering the reason for your post!!