My Sewing Room Makes Me Happy :)

I have a wonderful sewing room in our house and I love it!  (The lighting's not all that good down there though so the pictures are a bit dark)  Here's my new design wall - a $1.50 clearance picnic tablecloth!  I got that idea from my resourceful sister :)  In the background you can see my new ironing board cover...
Here's a close-up.  I never would have let you get that close to the old one! 
I used an old blanket from when I was a kid, wrapped it around and duck-taped (isn't it great stuff?) it to the underside.  Then I traced my old cover onto a piece of gingham that was in a box of "hand-me-down" fabric and just long enough (whew!).  I serged it together with a piece of muslin (from the same box) and then zig-zagged over the cord that I'd taken from the old one all the way around.  It worked great and I'm so pleased with the results!

Oh yea...on my design wall are the blocks I've made for the Paintbox quilt-along.  I'm making 4 of each and so far have 64 done.  35 more to go!


  1. Looks great! You're lucky to have a dedicated sewing space. I'm hoping to make progress on mine this weekend.

  2. I love to see where others create and your space looks cool!

  3. SWWWEEEETT!!! The yellow is wonderful... I agree, you have a happy sewing place :)

  4. Your quilt blocks are looking good! I LOVE your sewing area. Can I come over?