Emmeline Apron

The Emmeline Apron was and fun to make. I'd make it again, that's for sure!

The spring/summer side. Or is it the Sunday side?

The autumn/winter side. Or is it the everyday side?

I had a great night with my sisters. Hopefully next time more of them will be there!


  1. It looks great Alisa! And so do you...even with the gray :p

    I'm really glad you used that top fabric - I love it! What does Gord think? :)

  2. It's so pretty!
    Alisa, you look fab too...even your shadow gets a whistle...woot woot!

  3. I love both of those they are so cute! (I have had apron envy these past few months everyone is making them!) I need to get in on the fun and make one I just need to decide what kind I want, thats the hardest part!
    I know how you feel about pics of yourself, I think I ruin family pictures every time we take them but my husband loves them! you look gorgous! you have the prettiest smile!!

  4. It looks great! I think I'd want to wear the Sunday side every day.

  5. look at how cute you guys are!!! And that pattern FINALLY arrived. Lol.