Home Again

This is a photo post of our great camping trip. We had so much fun being together, watching the kids play together, being outside in the sunshine (and wind!), flying kites, kicking soccer balls, swimming, building sand castles, playing games, roasting marshmellows on the campfire, eating smores and catching mice (that part wasn't fun.) I'm posting it here for the benefit of our family and friends who are nosy about us.

It was so windy that we couldn't even play games at night. Gord set up a tarp over the table to protect us from the wind and we played Lost Cities right through the howling wind.
We so enjoyed the fires we could have every night. Last year there was a fire ban the whole time we were camping.
An osprey nest. It was so amazing to watch the osprey, even seeing them dive to the water to catch a fish.
We lock our kids up and feed them oreos to keep them quiet!
Trying my hand at embroidery. I haven't the foggiest idea of what I'm doing, but I'm having fun.
Our family. This is the best shot.
Suzanne, intensly reading. As intense as you can get with Sophie beside you, anyway.

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