Girly Apron Night

We're back home again now too. After a wonderful week camping with Alisa and family we spent a week visiting with our families. We snuck in a night away to Whistler (just the two of us!) and on the last evening Alisa and I along with our younger sister Karen and sister-in-law Jen got together and sewed ourselves aprons! Lot's of fun!

Me and Jen, gathering the bodices...
Karen, hard at work...
I made this apron as a "thank you/I love you/Happy Birthday" gift for my Mom without her knowing :)  I left it hanging in the kitchen that night so she got it when we were gone.
Alisa helped me finish it up as the clock was ticking and it was taking longer that we thought.  Here's the other side...

We used the Emmeline apron pattern. My own isn't finished yet and I haven't got the sewing bug back since we've been home. I'm trying to settle into summer "routine" or lack there of and am realizing that some things just don't happen when you're living outside! I'll gladly take it though - gotta get our vitamin D before the loooong winter :)

Here's a shot I have to share with you.  Mount Robson in the Canadian Rockies taken on our trip. Awesome and Majestic!


  1. this apron is so cute and i love love that fabric

  2. Your apron is great. I love the gathered top! It's a very nice design and I bet it delighted your mother. The mountains are just amazing. I'd love to see them some day. I am glad that you enjoyed your trip.