Back at it.

Somehow I thought that when the kids went back to school I would have loads of extra time to do all kinds of things.

Turns out I have loads of things to do and still not enough time. Not sure how that works.

My oldest three are in school. My youngest two are having no problem filling up my days. Zachary is b-u-s-y. I LOVE naptime these days.

I have been working on a few things. A special secret project. I can't wait to tell the story here. Another secret project that I can't wait to reveal. Kind of boring for you though.

I did sew a shirt for Melissa. She is really happy with it and wore it on the first day of school.

It's the Miss Madeline dress from The Handmade Dress. I shortened it into a shirt.

Melissa gets pretty pale-skinned in the winter months so I think these darker colours suit her.


  1. this top is adorable!!! you make such amazing things.

  2. Love the top Alisa.
    Karen K

  3. That turned out really cute!
    And I second you on the business...I haven't really been able to get into my sewing room much either. I did finish the baptism dress but today is making applesause day :)

  4. Who is the baptism dress for Suzanne?

  5. Not me :)

    I'll do a post on it soon.